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Dress Up Super Tom

Dress Up  Super Tom


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Thank you for coming to this meeting, which I would rather not do, very sincerely. Something happened. Something quite exceptional for all of us. For me as well. And I asked the human resources Director to join me today, because I would us to talk about what happened. And if possible, we will answer your questions. Here is Mr. Draux. I’ll let him introduce himself. Hello everyone. I am Mr. Draux, Director of the human resources for the group. I’m here at the request of Mr. Ouhib and direction of the group. I’ll go straight to the point. What happened? One of your colleagues, Mrs. Anselmi, committed suicide here in your workplace. Mr. Ouhib stated that it was Games a person who was here since more than years. You certainly knew her, all of you. She was appreciated by yourselves, by the customers Games She was a good worker. Some of you may have been close to her, You may have taken a coffee with her, a meal. Maybe you met with her outside of work. But it doesn’t mean you really knew her. Please listen to what I’m going to say. Nobody here should feel guilty for what happened. OK, she took her own life here, at her workplace, after leaving the group, but the life of Mrs. Anselmi was not limited to her work. Life is a lot of things. She had a family. She had a son, brothers, sisters, friends Games She had joy, sorrow, projects, disappointments. Her job, it was a part of her life, but there are a lot of things around. When your door is closed, Nobody knows what’s happening behind. Just now, we just learn with Mr. Ouhib that Mrs. Anselmi had a son who is addicted to drugs. This is something that is very, very heavy. She had big financial problems because she was taking care of him. So as you can see Games a lot of things can explain her gesture, but only she knows the actual reasons. Only her. Nobody here should feel responsible for anything. Ladies and gentlemen, I will now ask you to stand up. In the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. The Lord be with you. You take it, that one? Well, Yes.

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