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Dress up Cute Carla

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    safe little life. So you quit your job for a stint as a roving house flipper, and you drag Jeff along for the ride. It was his idea. He’s jumping through your hoops. You know it. Girl, this is his grand romantic gesture. He’s trying to prove he’s the one. Well, that settles it. I will date hardhat, tight jeans out there. I mean, you’re taken. One of us has to give him a try. Look, I have to go. Call me in a few days. I’m gonna bring by some samples. Okey-doke. I love you. I love you. I love you. Thank you so much for everything. Tell Jeff I said hi. Okay, I will. You were listening to us, me and Ros. Will you hand me that screwdriver? You better screw it in. Okay. Like this? Yeah. Okay. Perfect. Nice and tight? Nice and tight. All right. Good job. Okay. So, why were you listening to us? Curiosity. Okay, take the grounded wire right there. Put it there. All right. So you bought this place ’cause you don’t want to lead a safe, planned-out life? Is that right? Yet. Not yet. Got it. Well, maybe I had no business listening, but I heard my name. Okay, now games put that right in there. Be careful. Okay. Wait. Okay, here we go, here we go. That feels right. Ahh. All right. Now flip that switch. Okay, this one? Yeah. Is it safe? You don’t trust me? Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh, you did it! Jeff: Alex? Nate? Where are you guys? Oh, Nate fixed the circuit breaker. We have lights. It’s your favorite realtor! Jeff? Alex? I just want to take some pictures for the listing. Hello? Hello? Hello? Mr. Taylor? Jeff? Jeff? Jeff! Oh, hello. Hi. I see Alex and Jeff took my advice. You must be the new handyman. Yeah, that’s me. You know, I want to get your info and put your name in the listing as well. You know, when people buy one of these fixer-uppers, they want to know who did the fixing. Yeah, that won’t be necessary. You’re under a crazy deadline. Are you sure you can get this all done? You know, I might be able to get you some work in the neighborhood. I have a few friends who I’d love to pass your info to. What did you say your name was?

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