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Dress Up Cute Barbie Fruiterer Adventure

Dress Up Cute Barbie Fruiterer Adventure


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Dress Up Cute Barbie Fruiterer Adventure Description

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Could she really do it? -Remember that triple platinum Christmas album? Was that her doing? This lady likes her toys big. Hey, Tuomas is getting married. Yeah. I was just trying to help. What? -If you’re not going for Miss G, can I… Be my guest. Nippe… Thanks. -You weren’t offended earlier, were you? I was just kidding. You aren’t always nit-picking. Comprendo, amigo? Hasta luego. Don’t talk bullshit. Okay. What you did was so wrong and so inconsiderate, even for you. I know. What do you want me to say? I’m sorry. Truly. You should apologise to Tuomas. He’s actually thinking about your friend for triple platinum. Tuomas? Yeah. Have some decency. Comprendo, amigo? Si. Okay, I’ll give it a try. Yes! Go, Tuomas! Shit, I thought that Nippe knew about me and Jaana. What do you mean? That we’ve ed. What? It was a long time ago, but that doesn’t make it okay. But I’ll grab us some drinks. It was just a spare. Maybe I could lead Miss G to believe that we could do something but then nothing would happen. Has Willy ed Jaana? There’d be nothing wrong with that. What did you say? -Willy told me that he’s ed Jaana. No. Yes. What are we going to say to Nippe? -Nothing. Nothing? Willy is our friend. And Nippe isn’t? What am I not? Nothing. You’re not finished with your beer. Willy has ed Jaana. He left in style. Did someone take off his bowling shoes? People tend to walk out in them. This one won’t. Niklas… Don’t. We have to talk about it. Okay, I made a mistake. No. A mistake is forgetting your keys inside the car or getting Grandma’s pills mixed up. But hiding the sausage of a childhood friend on a seminar trip is not a mistake. Why don’t you go to the funeral? You knew him better than I did. Hi, honey. What did you hear Mummy and Daddy say? Like from the beginning? Don’t ask. just drive. Hey… I know what you’re going through. The same thing happened to me. Except that the guy didn’t die. But how many men are so lucky that just when someone has ed their wife, he dies? They probably wouldn’t be pall-bearers. You can thank Malena for that.

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