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Dress up Carla


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Dress up Carla And then, Jane, you go, “Oh, yeah, all he talks about at home is dumplings. Dr. Beaven, we gotta do something.” She’s gonna say game “Feed him dumplings.” “Get dumplings.” So, get your computer ready, get that article, that email from Mark Furth, just in case she hasn’t seen it, get it ready. How are you doing? Doing terrific. I know that you’ve had some swelling in your arm and started radiation for that. That’s right. And I finished day three out of five. And the one up here is new and it grew a lot. You’ll be surprised. And then, you know, he’s had so much chemo, but the tumor in his groin is growing back. Okay, so things are changing. You’ve kind of gone through a lot of the typical, kind of, poison chemotherapies or whatever, and those did a little bit but haven’t really done what we need them to do, so I’m not sure coming up with another, kind of, regimen like that is going to get you what you need either. Right. Which leaves what options for me, in your opinion? What would you say are your top three options for me at this point? I think the top three options are a clinical trial of some sort. I would say that there’s probably not a right choice. I mean, if I thought there were a right choice, I would tell you, you know, obviously. I think when we first met you, you said to Clark, “You’re in trouble.” She agreed when I asked her game it wasn’t your language, it was mine. But go ahead with your question. My question is how long does he have, as nothing is working? So, it’s very hard to predict. I certainly think, I mean, I think we’d probably be talking about months. I don’t think we’re talking about days or weeks, you know, I think we have more time than that. Months? Can you suggest, like, how many months we’re looking at? If I wanted to, like, really get some things done or really have some experiences before I die? Do you know what I mean? Well, what kind of things do you want to get done? I want to go to Ann Arbor and see my Mom and Dad and say goodbye, things like that. Maybe go up to Maine and have a lobster dinner

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