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Dress up Bulma Time

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    They just had a really good archery program. All right. So you’ve told me. This situation sucks, dude. I mean, we gotta do something about this, right? I mean, can you believe how much they’ve screwed us here? Us? Yeah. I mean, I was all ready for you to become sales manager. I wanted that for you, man. ‘Cause what’s better than having your best friend as your boss? Yeah. Now then games I mean, I would have gotten away with everything. But now games I mean, you get me, man. You know? You allow me to be me in the workplace. Useless slacker. Exactly. Worthless. Yeah. Gotta have one. I mean, look at me, man. Look at me. Our perfect routine is broken. Yeah, you, you are the real victim here. I know. But hey, man. You got hosed too, kinda. Oh. By the way games No. No. You gotta be ing kidding me. This is my desk now? Well, officially, it’s still a photoprinter’s desk. But you can share it. Do I get a chair? Holy ing shit! We’re gonna get this place lean and mean, Theodore. We are gonna separate the meat from the tallow. We’re going games Mike is dead. Mike is ing dead! What? Mike is dead in the ing bathroom. I went in there, and someone ate his games I don’t know. I just had to go. I just needed to go. Jesus Christ, I’ll never take a shit again. Evan, Evan, slow down. What’s up now? Mike games He didn’t games Dead games The bathroom. Ted, call security. I still have to go. Hey, Frank, we have to have games Code one emergency. The forty dollars you owe me for the NCAA tournament pool. I’d join ya, but I gotta get these papers. Wait! Wait, wait, wait. Don’t open the door. I’m-I’m sorry. I just, I need to warn you. I hope you all have strong stomachs. Oh, boy. That’s disgusting. I’ll clean it again. It’s games What? No. No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I- I games I am telling you, this stall was a ing horror show. Evan, this isn’t some way of stalling on the Phallusite presentation, is it? The what? What? The Phallusite presentation. It’s tomorrow. If you’re not ready games No, no. I just games I- I games I’m not, I’m not ready yet, all right?

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