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Dress On The Day Of Test

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    We have to maintain discipline in our army, or the result is defeatism and anarchy. I still say something should be done about Captain Roberts. dress up game? Something has been done. He’s been awarded the Military Cross for gallantry. “Captain FJ Roberts, th Sherwood Foresters, “th Division, for conspicuous gallantry “and devotion to duty in the battle of the Somme on August th . “Captain Roberts showed outstanding leadership under fire “as Company Commander. “Throughout he behaved most gallantly.” If you’re waking call me early call me early, dress up game, dear For I’m very, very weary and my warrants come, I hear It is Blighty for a spell my old troubles are all packed So keep the war agoing, Sar’nt it’s all yours till I’m back. Maitre d’, maitre d’? dress up game, II was saying Pearson. Pearson’s priceless and Harris is an ace with the inkies. And you’d be amazed at the sort of stuff that comes in from the chaps. The spoofs of Kipling and Sherlock Holmes and the Rubaiyat of Omar whatsit. And limericks and jokes from all sorts of unlikely Slow down, dress up game, I’m not going anywhere. But did I tell you about the poet, Gilbert Frankau contributing? Now there’s someone who’s actually famous, now he’s working for us. You did mention it once or twice. There’s a very promising writer called Sherriff, who’s good at little dramatic squibs. dress up game, and one of the men has started carving drawings on wood blocks. So we’re almost up there with the Illustrated London News. You make it all sound such fun. Dress On The Day Of Test It would be if the infernal general staff didn’t keep insisting on us fighting all the time. dress up game, Sommelier? Could we have another bottle of the ‘? Darling, can we afford all this? Of course we can’t! Not on a captain’s pay. But as luck would have it, I ran into a general in the boat home and I won a hand or two at cards. I do hope he’s better at strategy than he is at bridge. Same old dress up game. Dress On The Day Of Test Well, not quite. It’s the quiet. It’s keeping me awake. What’s it really like? You know what the basis for this war is? Mud.

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