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Dress Office Style

Dress Office Style


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Dress Office Style Description

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Dress Office Style a roof over your head we had bread and clothes. But life has provided us all. We have a house, food, father as uncle Rahim Game We have a sister, Farida and fees. What else do we want? He came to buy us. Why are you so quiet? Brother Game just very happy people balgosloveni are a treasure. Such a possibility is obtained once in a lifetime. If he lost this chance, never again will be rich again. There was a possibility in my life to move Game To earn money, but today everything was destroyed.. because of you. Me? Me? Yes, brother. There are millions of learners and fair people who do not even work. Wealth only came to our house and you reject it. You destroyed my promising future. Brother, those who love make sacrifices. They do not destroy other homes. Sir Game You? I came to apologize to you, sir. I forgot my status and kept terrible to you the other day. I came to ask for forgiveness. Please do not penalizing my brother, because of my mistakes. I thought nothing else in the world except love. But love can not feed the stomach. And it helps preuspeesh in life. Do not want my love to be a barrier Nantes progression to my brother. Please forgive my mistakes my brother and receptions. I beg you, sir. Thank you, sir. Never forget what I have obliged. Sir, can I make my another service Game poor we will be honored What is it? Raja to marry in my region. I agree. Call me Chotu, and I’m there. I will not let the ceremony to begin before you come, brother. Please come. “Maybe your companion and your new travel to be blessed” Spring and”Bless enchanted city of your dreams. ” My heart sings”playful Game ” “Maybe your life will be filled with happiness” Successes and failures”, over the road; your goal is very far” “Do not give up, capable of being of helplessness” Successes and failures”, over the road; your goal is very far” Touch his feet. Why do my? After marriage blessing is taken more big brother. You my older brother. I mean.. Having an older brother. Touch his feet. Blessed be. If Govinda and Raja were with me likely

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