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Dress Fashion Show

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    Dress Fashion Show Description

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    It was Christmas morning and Aldress up game was holding the line. All was peace and goodwill. The Gas Gongs were chiming out their message of joy to all mankind and the merry bark of the pipsqueak, aided by the staccato cough of the howitzer, combined to reassure Aldress up game that all was well with the world. Aldress up game began to doze, when at last his dress up game came in sight. Dress Fashion Show “Higgins,” said the dress up game. “Have you been drinking rum?” “No, dress up game. Honestly, dress up game,” said Higgins. “Well, then,” said the dress up game. “You must have some of mine.” Aldress up game was treated for severe shock and never went to the front line again. A happy Christmas and New Year to all! And may next Christmas see the whole damn business over. Bravo, dress up game. Dress Fashion Show A festive tale to gladden the heart. It’s given me an idea. Permission to go into the pub business? Permission granted. What on earth are you talking about? All right. Merci. Demain. Demain deux fois, deux fois encore. Very good. Welcome to the Foresters Arms. Very impressive. Well, something had to be done. The ambulances can’t keep up with the casualties and get the wounded back to base quick enough, so it’s a sort of first aid post. Or, rather, thirst aid post? I’m terribly sorry. That’s dreadful.

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