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    I may have overreacted, but that numbnuts was about to spill a bottle of Chateau Lafite. No more games. Disarm it. Join me. Surely you know by now that I know how all this turns out. Then you know I’m taking this. Oh, and where will you go? You know I’m the only one that can disarm it. I’ll find someone else. Oh, good luck with that. But I think there’s one more little thing you should know. Mendez wasn’t my only boogeyman. North Korea, Russia, I have a Mendez everywhere. And in a matter of hours, they’ll launch on one another, throwing the world into gargantuan, unrecoverable anarchy. Too many syllables? The world is ed. Why? This world must end in order for a more perfect one to emerge. And like it or not, Mr. Machete, you’re coming with me. Goddamn, you’re good! Get that bastard! Try not to get too many of yourselves killed in the process! My molecule blaster doesn’t quite work right yet. It keeps turning shit inside Game out. What took you so long? You’re luck I came at all. Oh, we’ll meet again, Mr. Machete. I’ve seen it. Been tracking you since your bounty hit the airwaves. Quite a shit Game storm you stirred up down south. I thought I’d tap in. Couldn’t let you have all the fun. Hey. I’m sorry about Sartana. We all are. She was one of the good ones. As you can see, the Network’s gone full scale. We’re new and improved. Over , extractions and counting. When they put up the wall, we had to up our game, find funding. Now, our reach extends all the way to San Cristóbal. The rules are the same. You get in, you gotta earn it. We monitor our members to make sure they’re doing their part. If they’re not, I’ll deport their asses myself. Missing? All of them? MIA. Every last one of them. One minute they’re tearing ass for the border, the next, they’re vanished. Disappeared without a trace. It’s like aliens abducted by goddamn aliens. You gotta check this out. This is the surveillance footage we got. We think the same douchebag that took you took them.

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