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Dreamy Girl

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    Now, together, as a team, sponsored by Mattel Hot Wheels, driving cars with the Hot Wheels logo big and bold on the sides, well, hell, we’re mileperhour billboards. Drag racing attracts more kids than any other kind of auto racing, more than stock cars or sprints, hell, more than the Indy . Why? Because we’re fast. And we’re flashy with fiery burnouts. Hell, instant winners. Kids can walk the pits, meet the drivers. You know, hell, we’re Game Accessible? You’re damn right we’re accessible. We are in real life what Hot Wheels is in miniature. And there’s TV coverage, right? For the big events. So our logo gets across the finish line first in front of millions of viewers? Damn right it does. Well, we can’t guarantee one of us will win every time. It’d be better if you did. How much funding do you think you’d need to pull this off? Oh Game grand should be enough to build two funny cars, recordsetting cars, of course. Funny cars? Oh, there it is. Yeah. Very cool. That’s it right there. Look, guys. Oh. Well, trophies are fine, but I’m looking for branding. I want every kid in America to buy Hot Wheels. Not just to know the brand, but to love it, like Game well, like Barbie. Mr. Spear, you put these cartoon characters on the cars, and you watch the kids go nuts. The more I think about this Game the more I like it. So he just keeps a Barbie sitting in his desk like that? I guess so. But, brother, we’re about to become a team, the team. Well, what do you think about Wildlife Racing as a name? I mean, you’re the Snake. I’m the Mongoose. Kind of makes sense, right? Wildlife Racing. Hell, the way you drive, I guess that does make sense. Very funny. Whooee! Let’s get ’em buttoned up, boys. Watch the merchandise. This is the real deal here, Donny. Chopchop. Let’s get out of here. All right, let’s line up real quickly. Let’s go, guys. Don. Don. Tommy, let’s go. Spear wants a photograph. Let’s line it up. Hey, lose the cigarette. Now that Coke’s a sponsor, they want one too. Ready for this? Look good. Here we go

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