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Dreamy Girl Adventure

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  • Dreamy Girl Adventure

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    Dreamy Girl Adventure Description

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    Your Hahaguffawchuckleamalus! You don’t have one! I don’t get it. Exactly. You have no sense of humor like a chair or a supermodel. Melvin, with your brain and my brain together we can finally wipe out laughter for once and for all! So George and Harold want a supervillain well, ask and ye shall receive! I hereby declare the Jerome Horwitz art program reinstated! Oh After you, sir. Ooh, what if we I’m already on it. Oh, this is gonna be epic! Come on, Captain, draw! Move your hand in the shape of a person! Why does it look like a chicken? This whole visual storytelling thing is hard! Oh, that’s good. Here, these need words. Hey, sidekicks why are we doing this again? Well, we’re making school fun again. You know, “free the children.” Hey, hey! What if we put this panel right here? Oh, yes! Yes, yes. Ah, yes. Of course. Fun. On it! Ha-ha! Uh Where’d everybody go? Where did this even come from? Hey! Oh, hey, sidekicks. Glad you could join. How did you even do this? I thought you said you were looking after the Oh, my goodness!

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