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Dreams in the room

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  • Dreams in the room

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    Dreams in the room Description

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    Mom, have you thought about the physical shape you need to be in to do this? Of course. I’m givin’ us time to train. Well, I mean, I know we’re all really looking forward to it. So are we. See ya on the court. Oh, my God. I cannot believe that your mom is actually gonna do that! I’m so embarrassed. I mean, I would die. I actually would just die. It would benefit the mobile unit. Tess’s Traveling Titty Tester? Mrs. Humphrey, I have my reputation to think about. It took me years to whip my girls into winners. They may be girls, but they’re still champs. And you don’t follow up a state championship with a touchy-feely game like this Game even if it is for a good cause. Mind if I dip? No. Yeah. Clementine said you’d be afraid she might beat you again. What does my ex-wife have to do with this? Oh. Didn’t I mention? She’s on our team. All the more reason to steer clear. That woman’s trouble. Wait a minute. What do you mean I’d be afraid she’d beat me again? You know, with the divorce trial and all. I won that one Game in the eyes of the court and of the Lord. You know how people gossip. Some are bound to believe her and think that you won’t play us Game ’cause you’re afraid you might lose. Afraid of losing to her? That lazy tramp smokes a pack a day! Let’s hope the school board doesn’t think that you’re afraid Game to play a lazy tramp who smokes a pack a day. Beth? You and your ladies Game And I use that term loosely considering Clementine’s involved Game are gonna have to stay within points of me and my girls Game in this first game. Otherwise, there won’t be a second or a third. Thank you. It’s a deal. I know you mean well, but it’s a crazy idea. Look, Beth. I don’t want you to embarrass yourself or your daughter. Well, may the best girl win. Mom, you’re not a girl! No matter how immature you’re actin’ lately. What are you talkin’ about? Are you embarrassed? Mortified is more like it. Why can’t you just support me?

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