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Dream princess

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  • Dream princess

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    Why am I always the last to find out? Well, let me repeat what I’vealready told you once before. An ambulance was seen by Miss McPherson in thecourtyard of the home. It’s there in her report. At the time I didn’t take very much noticeof it. It’s not really unusual that oneof the girls might need to go into hospital. Now, now, now. What’s that to us? Well, at the time that Miss McPherson’s mother disappeared, there was also Game an ambulance involved. Jim? Oh! It was like this, Sir. I saw theambulanceat the time Game theattempt was made to abduct Miss Susan. And Miss Susan Game saw the gorilla. Well, why haven’t we had the gorilla Game I mean, why haven’t we had this Susan person arrested? I have been tryingto explain to you that Miss McPherson is not our suspect. But rather that we believe the home has been providinga hideout Game for the gorilla and theambulance. Wealso havea very strongsuspicion Game that thesedolls arecomingfrom the home. I see. Then I can sign your warrant. Now I’m satisfied. That was a hard one point. What did you say? All signs point in our direction. Yes. I quiteagree. Arthur, have we got a dateor haven’t we? What’s shedoing here? Don’t beso nosy. Will you please wait until I’m ready? You may never be entirely ready for that one! Do you think so? You chat up Sister Elizabeth. I want Miss McPherson’s report Game before wesee Mother Superior. Ah! Inspector Perkins. Did you want Game to see Mother Superior or Miss McPherson? Mother Superior if I might. Well, certainly. Mother Superior is in her office. Pleasecome in. Ah, Miss McPherson, already hard at work? Miss Susan! What a pleasant surprise! Ah! My dear Sister Elizabeth, I simply cannot contain myself another moment. What? I’ve been in so many of these Game institutions, but never in one like this! So orderly, so immaculately clean Game Anythingto report? I’veconfirmed my suspicions. Dorothy Smith is nowhere to be found. Anyway, Smith isn’t her real name. She’s actually called Amra Bantu. And she’s from Tunisia. That was Arabic on the baby’s doll.

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