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Dream princess Adventure

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  • Dream princess Adventure

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    Dream princess Adventure Description

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    I have to go. Dani, I need to talk to you. MATT: Maureen! Maureen, can you get in here, please? Where have you been? The baby’s home. All right, boys. Got to take your brother his lunch. He forgot it again. Boy can’t remember his name these days. I want you to sit there, eat your lunch, and no messing around, you hear me? Do you hear me? BOY: Yes, ma’am. Court? Court! MARIE: Court! (MOANING) Baby boy. (SOBBING) Court? Go away, Dani. Go away, Dani! Go away! Daddy! Daddy! Dani? Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Dani, what’s the matter? What’s the matter? It’s Court. What? The tractor Games It’s Court. Help! Abby! Abby! No! No. No. No. No. No. (SOBBING) (SOBBING) (SOBBING) Dani Games I’m sorry. We didn’t mean to hurt you, Dani. I love you Games And I need us still to be close somehow. I don’t want to be close to you anymore, Maureen. I don’t ever want to be close to you again. Mama? Mm-hmm. I don’t want to be at church today. Can I go with Daddy, please? All right. (SNIFFLES) Mama, I loved him. I don’t know how to stay alive without him. I know. I’m sorry. Oh. I’m so sorry. You know, Dani Games You and Maureen are going to be sisters for a long time. Don’t ask me to forgive her Games Because I can’t. You’ve got a right to grieve, Dani. You got a right to be hurt. But if you get so wrapped up in your own pain that you can’t see anyone else’s, then you might just as well dig yourself a hole Games And pull the dirt in on top of you, because you’re never going to be much use to yourself Games Or anyone else. You don’t know what she did. I know enough. I know hating your sister is not going to bring Court back. Maureen’s been good to you all your days. Remember that. She’s hurting bad right now Games Hurting as much as you. Maybe more. DANI: (ECHOING) Hey! COURT: (ECHOING) Hey yourself! You ready? Just hold on, okay? One Games Two Games Three Games Go! It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. DANI: Maureen Games Is it always going to hurt this bad? MAUREEN: Mama says it won’t. DANI: I hope she’s right. I hope so. You know Games Sometimes Games I think that nothing’s ever going to make sense again. Maybe life’s not supposed to make sense. Doesn’t that scare you? Yes, it does. DANI: I wish I could still talk to the man in the moon Games Don’t you? MAUREEN: It would be nice. DANI: Maureen? MAUREEN: What? Please write down what I’m saying. From pages to page , and drills on page . That’s what will be covered in the next test. Hey. Give me your notebook. First, “fulcrum”. The point that supports the strength. Next, “the effort point”, the point the strength is taken. The point that has the weight is the point of loading. With these three points, Nishimiya-san, You are going too fast. I will teach you the timing, ok? Then, let’s start again from the beginning. How shall we do in the coming chorus competition? We just already lost, didn’t we? That’s the penalty for saying weird things! Ouch, ouch! Ouch! So today I missed what the teacher said again because of her Games I’ll lend you my notebook. Thank you. I am not wrong.

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