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Dream Girl Time

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    Ready for the x-ray, sir. All right. Carefully. Can anyone tell me why the wrappings are so deteriorated? A hasty burial. Minimum preparation. Yep. I’d say that’s likely. What is that green stuff? Mold? I’m not really sure. Michael, why don’t you collect some samples? Okay, doc. Professor, why would he have been given a hasty burial? Well, until we remove the wrappings and examine the body, we’re not gonna know for sure, but my guess is Ankh-Vanharis died from some kind of disease, such as plague or smallpox. Or whatever it was that disfigured and killed his attendants. Susie, bring me an airtight container. I wanna seal this up until we can give it a proper cleaning. Michael? Just about done, doc. All right. All right, I think we’re ready for the x-rays. Thank you for your help. And I’ll see you all later. Okay. Thanks, doc. Bye. Great stuff. Thanks. So long, Parker. No, I’d like Mr. Parker to stay. After all, he is the chief engineer. Ready, aim, fire. Ready, aim, fire. Ready, aim, fire. What are you doing, you moron? Doug, look at that. My God, Sharpe. One of those damned kids must’ve knocked it off the setting. You’ve been x-raying this Radio with times the normal dose. Okay. So we’ll start again. Let’s not. It’s had enough radiation for one night. Just deliver those plates to my office. That’s a little over-exposed. That’s okay. What the hell could those be? Oughta be right about Radio there. Laughs Gotta match the dose. Don’t worry, big fella. This isn’t gonna hurt a bit. Chuckles A perfect match. Grunts Well, if I can’t get it Radio X-rays. Um, just put them over there. I wanna finish cleaning this scroll. Ah, Susie. I don’t know, Ken. Some kinda dormant mold. Great. I’ll have Susie run it over. Yeah, thanks, Ken. Ken Melrose in Pathology can start analyzing it right away. Can you bring it over to him? Do you mind? Of course not. Maybe he’ll show me his new electron microscope. Well, what have I got that can compete with that? Mm. Oh, honey, before you go, what do you think of this? I found it rolled up in the scroll.

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