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Dora go To Park Dress up

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  • Dora go To Park Dress up

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    Dora go To Park Dress up That’s in a month. Come tonight then go. Games What if the police come? Games The police is there already. Games Wont they evict you? Games Evictions take place on August th or Sunday morning at six. Let’s go. Wait a minute! I’ve nearly finished, if only Bastiano would stop being a pain Game Games This is damage to State property. Games Is Italy still a state? Games Relax, Bastiano! Games My name is Antonio, okay? Games Good, isn’t it? Games If it doesn’t collapse on you Game It need lots of work Game why don’t you join in? You could read the press release, it sucks Game Games Yes, but I’ve never done one. Games No one here’s ever done any of this. Good old Biri! Alright, I’ll give it a go. Games Tell me what to write. Games Write something about us squatting or about Italy and your feelings. You must be outraged about it. That was exactly the point. Was I outraged? I hadn’t thought about it. Guys, this is David. Games Let’s go. Games Wait, let me finish. Games No, come on. He’ll finish it. Vanna, he’ll be working on the press release with you, okay? Games It makes no sense. Games You mean it’s badly written? No, just that I don’t understand the language you’ve used. Games Re Games write, if you want. Games Will Luca like it? Let’s see if I like it first! Sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear. Actually I think it’s crap too. Maybe we should start again. Games Any ideas? Games All I can think of is something Kipling said. Games But it may be irrelevant. Games Didn’t we say to start again? It was something like Game If you are able to wait and you’ll never tire of waiting, if you can avoid exchanging lies with lies, hate with hate, if you can contrast the joy of life with the misery of power, if you prefer the Left Wing Youth Center to a suite at the G, if you can rebuild broken dreams with worn out tools and if the only questions that arise when it’s time for action are: When, if not now? and: Who else, but me? then the world, and everything in it, will be ours! Games It was good, right? Games It sounded false and rhetorical. Vanna, excuse me Game I was joking.

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