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Dora Dressup Adventure

Dora  Dressup Adventure


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Dora Dressup Adventure Description

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Government precautions, dear. Still, at least we won’t have to go out into the cold. ETHEL LAUGHS You look like you’re in the zoo. I’ll paint it brown to tone in with the furniture. A nice pastel brown, Ernest. CLOCK TICKING IN BACKGROUND Blimey. What? Germany’s invaded Russia! I wish I’d betted you sixpence. AIR RAID SIREN Oh! Night, dear. Night. AIR RAID SIREN CONTINUES UPBEAT MUSIC Singing in the bath tub Happy once again Games Ernest, what on earth are you doing with that ruler? Marking five inches. You’re only allowed five inches of water. But if you were fat, it would be higher up. Yeah, well, the King’s done it at Buckingham Palace. It’s not fair, fat people getting a deeper bath. They say you’re supposed to share the bath too, darling. Disgusting! We share ours. But not at the same time. ERNEST LAUGHS DRAMATIC MUSIC AIR RAID SIREN FIRE ENGINE BELL RINGS Over here! Go on, go on! Jerry’s got a direct hit. Those buildings are going to topple. Is there anyone in ’em? Don’t know. Hope to God not. Ted! Over here, Ern! On the left. That! Go on, left window. Come on! Left. GLASS SMASHES AND MEN SCREAM Watch out! DISTANT AMBULANCE BELL DOOR UNLOCKS AND OPENS Oh, at last. Are you all right? Tired. Been in the docks. hours. Here. Let me get your boots off. There. Loads of dead. Little kiddie. All in bits. I had to Games HE SOBS There, there. Have a good cry. The holly bears a prickle As sharp as any thorn Games Cor! This Beveridge report! Sickness pay, unemployment pay, old age pensions, kiddies welfare, free medicines, free hospitals. Don’t read, Ernest. Help! Social security from the cradle to the grave. The welfare state. It’s what the workers have always fought for. We’ve won! It will have to be paid for. Course it will. We all chip in, that’s the whole idea. You can’t chip in if you’re out of work, or off sick, or on a pension. No, well Games Course not. It’s all got to be worked out. It’s economics, see? Economics will see to it. There. All done. The holly bears a prickle Games Oh, Ernest. I know.

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