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Doll Style

Doll Style


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Doll Style Description

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Doll Style I’ll be late for work. Sorry, I thought they’re following me so I took the long way round. How are you? Fine. Here you go. Thanks a lot. I met this French guy from the embassy. He’s willing to marry someone and help her get out of here. I thought you might be interested. That’s great. If Anna really left it would be great. It would. But game You know I’d rather have you here. But this will be better for you two. Come on! Go, go, go! Greatjob, Martina. Come on! What are you doing, losing again. Are you giving it your best at all? Let’s go again. Steady! Anna, speed up! Good, Martina. And again. So you met him in the building where you work by accident? And in the dock also by accident? You used to be a couple, right? Yes. But it was a long time ago and it is my private business. Relationship with a dissident is way beyond privacy. You know that. So what will you tell us about Mr Kriz? How often do you meet? Very rarely. We think you meet pretty often. Wouldn’t you like to have a job you’d enjoy? You could work as a coach. Telling us something about Kriz every now and then would suffice. He is the one we’re after. I inquired about your daughter. She graduated with decent results but was not accepted to the university. However she did get enrolled into the National Sports Centre. But I heard they hesitated. Mrs Moravcova, if you don’t start cooperating your daughter’s sport career is over. Do you want to ruin it? Be reasonable and sign the cooperation. We would be glad. Could I think it over? How much time do you need? I don’t know. Ok, we’ll give you some time. Mum? What was it like when you quit playing tennis? Why are you asking? Did you miss it? They forbade me to play. I knew I mustn’t feel sorry. There are other things in the world, notjust sport. I think they’ll expel me from the Centre. Did Bohdan say anything? No, but I’m at a standstill. Sooner or later they’ll find out why. I have no clue what I would do. If I were to quit running it would game It would feel as if someone cut off my legs. You can run regardless

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