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Doll Dress Up

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    Speaking Spanish I can’t do this anymore. Doll Dress Up I got to go to work. I don’t even understand what you’re saying! Clangs Ow! Man Ladies and gentlemen, for the past two years, our own Dan Sanders has been testing the l compound on apes. Unfortunately, of them turned into insane, aggressive, deviant sexual predators. But one, Caesar, has experienced a huge leap in intelligence. Here he plays three opponents. Of course, they’re apes. But Caesar’s superior capabilities are the work of one man. The brains behind the l project, Dan San Dress Up Games Are you OK? I’m fine, Martin. Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to Caesar Dress Up Games You’re not getting away from me! Oof! Screeching Groaning Grunts Oh, no! Alarm sounding Apes screeching Gasps Screaming Traffic is backed up on the Broad Street Bridge, where apparently police are battling dozens of apes in a running gunfight. Our reports indicate that a scientist at a research laboratory gave these apes an experimental intelligence drug. I’m being told that all available officers are now on the scene. But at this time, we are advising all our viewers to find alternate routes. I’m now being told we have the actual call that first alerted the police to the situation. man , what’s your emergency? people screaming Woman Oh, my God! Apes are inside the house!Doll Dress Up Man Calm down, ma’am. What happened? Woman We were making love and Dress Up Games Oh, my God! They’re attacking him! Doll Dress Up man Who are they attacking, ma’am? Woman Carl! Oh, my God! Please, help him! man Where is your husband right now? Doll Dress Up woman Carl’s not my husband. My husband’s the anchor for Channel News. He can’t know about it. man OK, ma’am, but we need to Dress Up Games Doll Dress Up woman Hurry! Send help while my husband’s still on the air! Man Ma’am, that’s not important. Your life is. Woman Yeah, you’re right. Why should he care? I mean, I’m pretty sure he’s been sleeping with his coanchor, that Dress Up Games ! Oh, I’m gonna rip her Dress Up Games

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