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Doggy Becomes Mommy 2

Doggy Becomes Mommy 2


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Doggy Becomes Mommy 2 Description

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Doggy Becomes Mommy 2 Well, today’s youth’s not what it used to be. Take it! They’re making holes and then they die. And I have to sew it afterwards. Jesus game What did you want? You know, there’s a bounty on your head down in the village. Dead or alive. Who? Him? There’s a bounty on Arizona Colt? How much? , dollars. What a waste. They really lost their sense of reality. Why the bounty? You know what the job is like, old man. They tell me that there’s a bounty, I grab my rifle and trot off. Then get lost, but leave the pants. Alright. Wait, I’ll help you. Hurry up, the man is pretty lazy: He just says things once. The second time he shoots. You got off lightly. It only cost you your pants. We’re going to Blackstone. I want to check things up. And how, if I may ask? We have no horses. These idiots must have come here by horse, don’t you think? Oh Yeah, right! What shall I tell Mr. Moreno? Tell him I have to think about it. It’s better to provide for the future. You never know what kind of whiskey they have at the village. Something must have happened here. Indeed. Well, I can only reproduce the first shot. Even if it’s a shame for such a nice gun game when you only have to shoot an idiot with it. The hay burns next to the fire. And if it doesn’t burn, it means that it’s been put there subsequently. , dollars divided by makes about dollars each. There must be great poverty in these parts game if people risk their butts for dollars. What’s your name? They call me Filthy Bottle. Filthy Bottle. They say I’d sell my mother for a filthy bottle of whiskey. But that’s a lie. My mother is old and has no teeth. Nobody wants her. Who are you working for? I’m working for the law. My five friends and I were here and saw you coming. Why did you come back here? Come back? Yeah. Last time you cleaned up real good. Then it was me who burned everything down. Somebody saw you! A passenger of the stagecoach saw you game and recognized you. Who is this nasty liar? Don’t be angry with me. I just fulfilled my duties as a righteous citizen. Excuse me, if I don’t fulfill

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