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Diva Makeover Time

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    why the mobile unit ran out of money. I forgot to reapply for the matching funds. I never told you ’cause I was so ashamed. You don’t get it, Beth. This whole thing is so much bigger than you are now. Didn’t you read the story in the Waco paper today? All right. Read it to her. Let me see. Blah, blah, blah. “Word has spread like wildfire across the Internet Game about the Burning Bush Hot Flashes. And several similar basketball teams of middle-aged women Game have sprung up around Texas to raise money for breast cancer, including the Waco Mood Swings, the Crawford Crying Fits and the Plano Night Sweats.” You see, Beth. If you quit, you wouldn’t just be quittin’ on yourself. You would be quittin’ on all of us. Come on, Beth. Come on, Beth. – Come on, Beth. – Beth. The gym is closed. You ladies might as well turn around and go home. We’re fixin’ to practice. Sorry. But you’re banned from playin’ on school property. What? Who banned us? The school board. They said your whole team Game was a bad influence on the kids of Burning Bush. They had a page-long list of improprieties. What Game ing improprieties? Hey. What about our final game? Canceled. What? I’m not exactly thrilled to have our last game of the season be a loss Game to an inferior team, but the school board has made up its mind. The gym is locked. Ooh. I hate that man. We have to let them know that this is wrong. And how we gonna do that? I don’t know. They have their weekly meeting tomorrow night. I’ll think of somethin’. Miss Humphrey, I’m afraid you’re wasting your time. We discussed this at length before we voted. What did we do that was so horrible? Smokin’. Bribing referees. Promotin’ homo Game uality. And excessive profanity. Okay, so maybe we made some folks uncomfortable, but if we promise to be on our best behavior Game in the last game, would you take another vote? These are serious grievances. Now, we’ve made our decision. We’re sorry.

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