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Disneyland Fun Day

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    then it does sadden me because it’s much much more than that What is it about it that’s important to you? Well the belief in. Dress Up Games the belief that in goodness and in love as being two great positive forces well just the simple belief like a good act is never wasted certainly you can observe somebody when they are seven and identify particular things that may be always with them, whatever else happens to them people possibly say I’m a little innocent at times or naive I used to get worried about this and think Dress Up Games perhaps I ought not to be taken in or decieved or I’m not talking about love now I’m just talking about generally speaking I feel that’s a strength in a way, I think if people are willing to trust then we should be encouraged Tell me, do you have any boyfriends Suzi? Yes Tell me about him Well he lives up in Scotland and I think he’s thirteen and I’m rather lonely up there because he usually goes to school but we usually play till about half past six when he comes home from school and then we go in and he goes home to do his homework Have you got any boyfriends Suzi? What is your attitude towards marriage for yourself? Well I don’t know, I haven’t given it a lot of thought because I’m very cynical about it but then you get a certain amount of faith restored in it I’ve got friends and their parents are happily married and so it does put faith back into you but me myself I’m very cynical about it We were friends for about two years Rupert and Suzi were married five years ago I think the nice thing was that we knew each other very well before we knew quite a lot of the faults of each other which I think is very important I don’t sit down and think “ooh analyse marriage” it’s not something I’ve had to think about whether I was going to get married and I’ve got no desire to at the moment I think twenty’s far too young I suppose twenty Dress Up Games two is considered quite young I felt it was the right time I don’t see what I would’ve gained by waiting another three years What gave you that feeling?

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