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Dinner preparation

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  • Dinner preparation

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    You needn’t bother to count it. I’d never think of doingsuch a thing! Sentimental nonsenseof me to give you anything. I wouldn’t say that quiteso loud. It’s me you have to thank Game for sittingwhere you are here. I helped get your brother out of the way. And I got paid for that. Sadly paid, but Game But you’re forgettingthe fact that you’re eaten up inside by your jealousy, right? Ever since my brother Donald took away your girlfriend, a girl who’s worthless. And we know whereshe is now: In the gutter! So what? What’s the excitement? You pay Game for my silence. You Game Watch out! Hot! Very hot! Can I beof assistance here? Ah, Sugar. Make it back from the health farm? I’m Inspector Perkins from Scotland Yard. Can I beof assistance to you, Sir? No. Many thanks. Really not necessary. We were just discussingsupport for our philanthropy fund. We were not entirely in agreement. It’s ok. Love and Peace were generous! Oh! Finder’s keepers, gentlemen. Yes, you’re timing’s very good, Inspector. Please takea seat. Thank you. You know him, don’t you? You can say that again. It’s always thesame. Most of these guys wind up in jail at least times a year. Come right out and head straight for Love and Peace. Of course, onedoes Game what onecan. But when onesees that it does littleor no good Game No onesees that these elements are not really worthy. But to return to the purposeof my visit Game Oh, I do beg your pardon, Sir. Please. I’vecomeabout Richard Ellis of Canberra. I suppose you’ve heard of his drowning Game in the Thames and that he left a fortune for your organization Game for charitable purposes, right? Yes. But that’s not very strange. You see, weoweour very existenceand domain to those welltodo individuals, who are willing in their lifetimes or testamentarily to support our homes. They’reassured then a relatively good seat in heaven? Oh, I see. Yes. Naturally, seen that way Game Two whiskeys and a cognac soda. You’ve had enough this time. Are you a member? No. Maybe I’ll beallowed to join. Got any references?

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