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Dinner Clothing 4

Dinner Clothing 4


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Dinner Clothing 4 Description

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Dinner Clothing 4 to avoid getting stiff. Daily before dinner. And a larger dose of Stromba. One for morning, one for evening. Every day until game Until January . Then she’ll take a break to cleanse properly. And after the indoor races we’ll start again. I’ll wait for you outside. Could I ask you something? That’s what I’m here for. But you won’t tell the coach. Sure. We keep medical secrets. Can the tests show if I’m pregnant? They can. But don’t worry, you’re not. My periods two weeks late. That happens when you’re on Stromba. Still you should take precautions. Here are the urine sample results. Thank you. Is that all? Yes. You’re overstrained but your organism is young, it must be able to cope. Did you hear him well? One injection in the morning, one in the evening. Where is Martina? At a sampling. You actually shouldn’t be aware of her coming here too. See you tomorrow. So you haven’t seen your dad since he emigrated? They never allowed me to go. I mean to the West. I’ve been to the West. With my dad. Your dad can travel to the West? He’s a biologist. He goes to conferences all the time. Come, I’ll show you something. A little surprise. What is it? Just a moment. Now. Now? Come here. You can block the slot with a coin and make a call even to the West. Incredible, right? Do you have your dads number? I do but game He might not be at home. Come on. This is a unique opportunity. We almost never call each other. Why not? Christmas is coming. Don’t you want to hear him? What’s Christmas got to do with it? Do you want to call him or not? I don’t know. God, I thought it would make you happy. Alright then. Look. You can dial now. Ja, bitte. Dad? It’s me, Anna. Hello? Who is it? Anna. Anna Moravcova. Is it you? Yeah. I’m calling from a booth. Is there anything wrong? No, nothing. How are you? What about your mum? Everything all right? Long time no hear, right? Yeah. I hope to see you some time. How is your training going? What are your results? So? We were cut off. You want to call again? No. Speed up! Keep it up! Anna, you’re too low.

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