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Diligent student style

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    .is that we’re short of Ys and Es. Well, it’s just as well we’re not based anywhere called Ypres then. Ah. Now, dress up games, what about some copy? Dammit, Harris, haven’t you heard of writer’s block? Only every day, dress up games, come deadline time for the newspaper. Very well, Harris. But you are very annoying. Very good, dress up games. You know he’s right, dress up game. Et tu, Pearson? I’m going to hold this pencil and see what happens Diligent student style. Something’s bound to turn up. You are an incorrigible optimist. Optimism. Well, there’s a dangerous thing particularly in a war. Do you suffer from optimism? Men! Do you suffer from optimism, dress up game but fail to recognise the telltale signs? Many do. Is it serious, Doctor? I just need you to answer a few simple questions. Do you sometimes wake up in the morning feeling that all is going well for the Allies? Yes, Doctor. Do you sometimes think that the war will be over,dress up gameswithin the next months? Absolutely,Diligent student style Doctor. Do you consider that our leaders are competent to conduct the war to a successful issue? I should say so, Doctor.

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