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Diamond Glitter Time

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  • Diamond Glitter Time

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    Diamond Glitter Time Description

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    can’t play King Lear without the King. We have to make a decision. Forgive me, Your Ladyship, it’s not a decision you have to make, it’s the right decision. I had a friend, in a very low state, he was, ever so fragile, a pain to be with. You weren’t safe from him on top of a bus. If he happened to sit beside you, he’d tell you the ABC of unhappiness between request stops. Someone close to him, his mother, I believe, although it was never proved, understandably upset, made a decision. A little rest, she said, with others similarly off-centre, in Colwyn Bay, never a good date, not in February, wrapped in a grey rug, gazing at a grey sea. Talk about bleak. Mother-dear made a decision but it was the wrong decision. And my friend never acted again. We have to face the facts. I’ve never done that in my life, Your Ladyship, and I don’t see why I should start now. I just like things to be lovely. Yes, but things aren’t lovely, Norman. They aren’t if you face facts. Face the facts, it’s facing the company I worry about. I’ll be in Madge’s office if I’m wanted. Don’t decide yet, Your Ladyship, let me go to the hospital, let me see how he is, you never know. I do know. I realise now that I’ve witnessed a slow running down. I’ve heard the hiss of air escaping. FROM ANOTHER ROOM Norman! Norman! Good evening, Sir. Good evening, Norman. Good evening, . Bonzo, why are you here? Well, my name is on the door. Did the doctors say you could leave? Doctors? Executioners. Do you know what he told me? A short, bald butcher. Il Duce in a white coat. When a doctor tells you you need rest, you can be certain he has not the slightest idea of what is wrong with you. I discharged myself. Telephone the hospital. Do not telephone the hospital! Norman, will you leave us, please? I’ll see Madge and tell her there is an alternative. Shh-shh! You’re fit for nothing. Please, , don’t. Cancel the performance. Can’t, mustn’t, won’t. Then take the consequences. When have I not? Where have you been all day? Don’t tell me you found a brothel in this town.

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