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Devilish Cute Pet Salon

Devilish Cute Pet Salon


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Devilish Cute Pet Salon Description

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Anna! Oh, my God. Paul? Have a good rest? ‘Cause I didn’t. Spent the night worried about you. Feeling guilty about swapping out your drugs. But then I discovered this. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Sunday. Where’s Saturday, Anna? I game I don’t know. That’s weird because game Saturday’s the night you were here by yourself. Let me show you something. I couldn’t really care less about the surveillance cameras. Well, it’s not as though anything really happens around here, is it? But then Shadow found something out there. And I thought to myself game “What is Jeremy’s body doing buried in my backyard?” Look game I’m sure there is some perfectly rational explanation for all of this. And if there is game you should tell me before I call the police. I’m gonna make the call. You should stay here. It can get pretty dangerous outside. There’s nowhere for you to go anyway. Come on. Come here. All right, you stay here, Shadow. All right? Stay. So what now? Eh? You’re not gonna go anywhere. Neither are you. Well, why would I? The police will be here in a minute. Great, then you can tell them what happened to Vera Palm. What? The blind woman who mysteriously went missing out on the salt lake. Who you keep pretending not to know although her dog is standing right over there. Yeah, he dug this up out on the salt lake. So tell me, Paul. How did she go missing if her guide dog was out there with her? Vera was my wife. She was a very talented, but, um game unsuccessful architect. This house was supposed to change all of that. For two years, the only thing she did was work on this project. Day in, day out. She became obsessed with the place. And by the time she laid the foundations game we were living completely separate lives. We were like complete strangers. She invited me out here to celebrate when it was completed. Paul? Are you still there? But why would I? I wanted you to come out and celebrate. This house had stolen my wife. I can’t believe you’re doing this. Paul? Paul, are you still there? On the way home that night game she fell

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