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Dating With Nature Time

Dating With Nature Time


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Dating With Nature Time Description

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You love me? What are you doing? I’m thinking. N am’? Not my choice. Gemma’s croissants? I can’t believe you ate them. Not at all. I’ll leave you to it. Can I have euros? What for? To buy a book. You, a book? Yeah, for school. What book? First Love by Turgenev. Dad? The euros? , me Sevres! What? Our one valuable object. I’m dead. Don’t worry My husband can fix it. Are you sure? It’s his job. Are you sure you can’t stay? Will you come to London with me? To London and to the end of the world. How to kill someone else’s affair when if gives you grief? A! firs! I tried ESP. Leave him, Gemma. Leave him. Leave the little prick. I’d like two croissants and a baguette “tradition” and some madeleines de Commercy. How many madeleines do you want? Four, please. How is your husband? Very good. You’ll see him soon. Me, I’m going to London. You’re going there? For work? For a while? Not long, unfortunately. Why unfortunately? Sick of our country? Martin, butt out! No, but a change of scenery will do me good. . euros. See how happy she looks? Poor Charles Game so kind, so trusting. I wish I could say I committed that vile act out of masculine solidarity with Charlie. Bu! I know it’s no! true. I was just beside myself. I! was then that I remembered Rodolphe’s letter in Madame Bovary. “I will be far away when you read these sad lines. “I wanted to flee as quickly as possible “to avoid the temptation of seeing you again. “Emma, forget me. “Why did I have to meet you? “Why were you so beautiful? “Farewell.” Farewell. Why did I have to meet you? Why were you so beautiful? Farewell! Who is it? No one. Just a neighbour. Remember you’re here to revise your exams. You are working, aren’t you? I hate it when you talk to me like a year old. Where is the Cupid? I’ve looked everywhere. The Cupid’? One of the few things I care about in this bloody house. It’s nothing. It was a tiny scratch. Excuse me? It’s nothing. I gave it to a skilled restorer, an Englishman here. An Englishman? He’s very professional. Spare me this nonsense. How can an Englishman repair

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