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Dating With Nature Adventure

Dating With Nature Adventure


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Dating With Nature Adventure Description

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Follow me! Get up, you cowards! Fight for your money! Charge! My broom! My broom! My broom! Hey, these are our clubs! Ivanushka! Nastenka! Look out, lvanushka! That’s enough, you old witch! Take pity on this poor, old granny! Take your pity and go home! Ivanushka! Nastenka! Nastenka got a troika, a box of clothes, and a box of jewels… But Marfoushka’ll get a troika and two boxes of each! No, she’ll get four boxes of each! For Nastenka, he found a peasant… but for Marfoushka, he’ll get a prince! They are coming! Where’s your dowry?! WHERE?! Silly woman! …I’ll be quiet!… And stay that way! To the wedding l came! I drank ale, I ate meat! The bride and groom were the loveliest couple in the land. Actually, I wanted to cook chicken, But suddenly I ran out of time … Mum! I did not expect you would learn how to cook in three weeks. Don’t get cheeky, young man. No! Two. Isn’t Dianne here? Yes, she is. So tell me about your “thing” there. “Your Camp.” Mum? It was great. Love to go back next year. Ah. that good !?! Hey! You’re finally here. Hey Phil. Let’s talk later. I have to go. Welcome home. What’s wrong with her? Nothing! Come on, let’s eat! Mum? Don’t “Mum” me, I’m warning you. Was The third world war fought in our garden? The storm has ruined everything. Hey, what happened to Dianne’s tree? Glass? Mum! Glass? Mum? Not now, Phil. Later, Darling, OK? Welcome home. when Glass came here, she already was and in her th month. And then we suddenly there were three of us. Three children out of nowhere, that didn’t fit here. One woman, two children, no man They didn’t understand. But the of us got along just fine. Even without a man in the house. The other children often asked us, Who our father was. And we asked Glass. And she said something like: A sailor at sea. Or: A Cowboy, on a Ranch. And later, when the fairy tales no longer grasped: I’ll tell you, when the time is ripe! At some point we just stopped asking because we never got an honest answer. So now we find it normal, not to know anything about our father. The mysterious number three on the list. At least for Dianne was no longer an issue. For me it remains a strange emptiness. A blank spot in my mind. You? Don’t you ever think of him? Whom? You know, don’t you ever miss him? Why should I miss him? I don’t even know who he is. Don’t you sometimes wish …? …. don’t you ever wonder how it would be, If we knew him? Come with me. Do you understand? Yes. What? These are the names of their lovers. And now look at the date and add months to it. This must be him. Would fit exactly. America. Somehow, this word always exerted a calming effect on me. As if it filed the empty space in me. You’re back and don’t contact me? … You Sissy! Sissy has just returned from vacation. But can’t wait to see you again too, Madame. He he. “He he” F^^ck You! I’m dying of boredom. I want to see you! Right now! Phil, glad, you’re back. Those last weeks were absolute horror. Wait, this you’ll like a lot. What are you saying? OK. Yes, okay, you are right. My ass doesn’t show at all, And my tits,

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