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Dating Me Tİme

Dating Me Tİme


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Dating Me Tİme Description

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Dating Me Tİme Wait, I’m smoking my ciggy. Five more minutes. I’ll bring you a coffee. I should hope so. Do you like it strong? I’ll cope. Don’t worry. So long as you bring me a coffee. I’ll finish this fag and go. They’re stupid cows. Go on, lads. Take that, you bastard! Bastards! Wait, Annie. Scum! Scum! We almost copped it from the fascists and the cops. But we got them. We weren’t alone, thank God. Metalworkers with us women! Workers! Peasants! Same struggle! Same fight! Students with us! Who’s responsible for all this? It’s Boursac. It’s the boss. He’s the one who called the cops! He’s a fascist. Boursac! Bastard! The people will get you! Mr. Boursac, could you answer a few questions, please? I’d be glad to. A conflict began in your factory some time ago. Could you briefly explain the reasons? You have to look at the current climate. In other words game We’re enduring the aftermath of May ‘. And because of this game all sorts of things are happening. Nevertheless, we intend to try game to meet the demands that have been put to us. I think we will manage. Do you get the impression that it’s a spontaneous movement or was it planned well in advance by outsiders? According to the information we have received, it would seem that it is not only a question of game the usual union involvement, but we also believe that game some troublemakers have infiltrated the unions. And, of course, they’re doing their best to aggravate the situation. What have you got to say about the dismissals? As regards the recent dismissals, I can assure you everything was done in accordance with the law. I think the conflict will soon be resolved. We are reporting on the events at the Boursac factories. We have interviewed the owner and the factory inspectorate. We would now like to hear what the other party has to say. Does your union believe the conflict is really dramatic? It’s serious. But not as dramatic as certain individuals would have us believe. Our position is very clear. We wish to renegotiate. We’ve already made this known. But I’d like to take this opportunity to inform

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