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Dating Makeover Time

Dating Makeover Time


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Dating Makeover Time Description

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Dating Makeover Time Now, instead of the Christian church Converting the heathen world, The pagans were converting the church. There is a train coming out of the first century, Represented by the documents we have in the new testament That demonstrate, the shape of the church there, Going into this long dark tunnel Of this nd through th centuries And then coming out in the th century, Of this long, dark tunnel, And the train of the church that comes out Is so different than the train of the church that goes in That you say, “what happened?” In ad, by the order of emperor Theodosius the first, Christianity became the official state religion of Rome. Worship at pagan temples was outlawed And all other religious practices ceased. You’re trying to Christianize an empire. You’re trying to Christianize a pagan culture. The old basilicas were basically pagan temples. Put a cross over it. Put in paintings of biblical scenes, Biblical heroes and saints and martyrs. Christians are very purposeful and intentional About taking over pagan temples And there’s a notable church leader Who actually writes this in a treatise that survives. He writes a rebuttal of pagan attacks on Christianity And part of his evidence is he says, “Your very own places of worship “Are now Christian places of worship. “We have taken them over. “We have cleansed out the idolatry. “We have sanctified them and we have made them places “Where the one true god is worshiped. “What clearer evidence could you wish “That your whole system of belief is false? “Where are your gods if they’re allowing this to happen?” So Christians, actually, Deliberately at times and purposefully, as a strategy, Take pagan, not only places but rituals or ideas And, as they think, subvert them To advance the cause of spreading Christianity. What we don’t know Is the extent to which they think this through And say, “at what point is it legitimate to do this And at what point Do we perhaps begin to be taking on other ideas?” The speed with which the early church Tobogganed into apostasy will take your breath away.

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