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Dating Makeover Adventure

Dating Makeover Adventure


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Dating Makeover Adventure Description

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Okay. Listen games l said I don’t need help. My husband’s on his way to pick me up. You can games go. Do you read the papers? What? This area isn’t safe. Recently there’s been a few robberies and a murder. Don’t worry, I’ll wait here until your husband arrives. No, no, no, I am fine. Really. If you wish, I’ll wait by your car. You can take my car. There’s a petrol pump up ahead, you can get help. Do you watch films? Sometimes. When a girl asks for a lift on a deserted road at night games either the driver’s a serial killer, or the girl’s a ghost. You think negative. It can be a romantic film too. I met a beautiful stranger games Okay, okay games I’ve a big-tough husband, and he has your number. Really? Of course, I just messaged him. Whether you’re a lover or a killer, you’ll be caught. Already caught, madam. Oh, you’re married. Thank God for that. I was really scared. Lovely. And he’s so adorable. What are their names? Misha. Robin. Oh games very cute. Was it a love-marriage? Oh games so sorry. I am just returning from a wedding, so games games that’s the only thing on my mind. You don’t have to answer that at all. Love marriage. Ours was a love-marriage too. It’s here? Yes, on the left. Thank you. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. Coffee? Won’t your husband be at home? Actually, we own a restaurant. Konkan Queen. ls that yours? Yes, it’s in Vimaan Nagar. It’s the best sea food in Pune. Why don’t you bring Misha and Robin along? Yeah. Please come. Okay. Kanchan. Raghu. Take care, Kanchan. Hi. Surprise! Oh, my God. What a pleasant surprise. Did you meet Harman? No. Hold on. This is RaghumHarman. He dropped me home last night. Hello, Harman. Thank you. Sit. Yeah. You didn’t bring Misha and Robin along? They are no more. What? Actually, they died years ago during a bank heist. I am so sorry. I didn’t get the opportunity to tell you last night. And you were already so stressed. I didn’t want to bring up the past. Oh my God. I am really sorry. What a tragedy. No, the real tragedy is that it’s been years games

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