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Dark Romance Adventure

Dark Romance Adventure


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Dark Romance Adventure Description

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Your cousin is already severely overdrawn on her account. I can only think she’s been sending money out of the country. To who? Nonsense. No, no. She’s just generous. Tonight, for example, you saw A gift for every family in the room. That won’t account for an overdraft of this magnitude. Then there’s all this The fabrics, the curtains Again, I hardly think shop Shh. You simply just must increase the allowance. Increase? Yes. Cover the overdraft. I’ve been doing a little asking around. Did you know that the duel in which her first husband died was fought over one of her lovers? I don’t believe that. They were notorious, both him and her, for unbridled extravagance and apparently limitless appetite. Do you understand? Do you? I never thought you’d fall so low as to listen to gossip of that sort. You had no right to take that necklace. It’s mine and it’s from the estate. The estate is not yet yours, as you well know. What of it? It will be soon. I must ask you to desire her to return the collar. Really?

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