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Dark Romance 2015

Dark Romance 2015


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Dark Romance 2015 Description

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Dark Romance 2015 No.. you’ll never look like a woman. You ain’t got it in you ever to look like one. What difference does it make as long as you are good to me? I ain’t good to you. Don’t get that idea into your nut. It’s what spoils them, being good them. You’ve got to step on it if you want to stay with me, or get your teeth knocked out. Ha! Hmm, I think I ought to knock them out anyway. Come here. Oh Bill, what happened to your forehead? Never mind my forehead. Little old Trina. You dames get some phony ideas alright, don’t you. Go on, go to work. And if that stew is burnt, I’ll pour it down your back. Hey, what you want to do? Break it? No, no. Take it easy. No, we’re just looking it over. Hey, stupid. Oh.. Bill. Oh Bill. Ahh. Bill, I.. Hiya mug! Gee Stilts, where you been? Thought you died or something. Where are the Yanks playing this week? Chicago. Alright. You told me you wanted Babe Ruth to autograph a baseball for you, didn’t you? Well, I had to put it up to him, didn’t I. Did he, did he, do it? Close your eyes. Come on, come on. Quit kidding around. Close them tight. Now open them. Gee, thanks Stilts. Gee Stilts. Yeah, uh, I had to go all the way to Chicago to talk to the Babe. Hop a freight? Yeah, yeah. Rode the rods all the way. Ain’t got the cinders out of my hair yet. And did Babe write this himself? Why certainly.. in person. Thanks Stilts. And some will hide away.. and be happy. For just a stolen hour or two. I’d give a lot if I.. could simplify.. this mess.. we’re going.. through. How much longer.. must I.. long.. for.. you. That’s it. Hey.. you! Well.. big boy! Got any more summons for me? Not today. Did you know I called up the lawyers office? And gave word I wanted to see the guy that served those papers on me. Yeah. They sent me somebody by the name of “Bragg”. I asked him to get in touch with you. Did he? Yeah. Why didn’t you look me up? I was busy. What doing? Stilt walking? What’s the idea of the ballyhoo rig? Well, I tell you lady, it’s like this. There’s this hardware store that sold a stove to a friend on the installment plan.

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