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Dancing Girl

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  • Dancing Girl

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    Dancing Girl Description

    Time for bed. Dancing Girl Man, I am fried. Something’s up with Sadie. Yeah, I don’t know what her problem is.Dress Up Games Couldn’t get her to come inside. We can’t leave her out there. She’s alright,Dancing Girl I got her on a chain. Sadie, Sadie! Be quiet! Thanks for making this work.Dress Up Games I know it’s a lot to pay off. It’s going to be great, isn’t it? It’s great already. Yeah. You still too fried to christen the new house? Who said I’m fried? Think nobody here is fried. Mom! Hey, how do you guys sleep? I’m cold. It is chilly, isn’t it? Do you think maybe we could have bought a house that has a toilet that actually works? Tell your father. And there was a really funky smell in my bedroom last night. Reek like something died. Is it still there? No. Problem solved! Dress Up Game? Dress Up Game? Down here, honey. Morning! Woah! This is going to take some serious elbow grease. Oh, gosh! What do we gonna do with all this stuff? Well, we probably have to go through it. You know, there might be some antiques down here worth a lot of money. Yes, or just a lot of junk the previous owner didn’t want.Dancing Girl It’s ours now.Dress Up Games Knock yourself out.

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