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Dance Makeover Time

Dance Makeover Time


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Dance Makeover Time Description

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Dance Makeover Time Hoc est enim corpus meum”: “this is my body.” They were powerful words Believed to have the property that when they were uttered God transformed the nature of the bread and the wine Into the body and blood of a risen Jesus Christ. Even to the point where later on they say, “We are creating god” By speaking the words of mystagogia. Essentially, what happened on the altar Was that bread became body, wine became blood, But they just still looked like bread and wine. This offering of the sacrifice in the Eucharist, This sacrifice of praise, this communal meal Now becomes not a remembrance of the sacrifice But a sacrifice in and of itself and is giving salvation. They believed and they taught that in the mass Jesus Christ, in the person of the priest, Sacrifices Christ to god the father And, thereby wins good, wins quantum of holiness, Which the church can then assign To the beneficiaries of that mass. Because people believe that by celebrating a mass You were doing something good which was offered up to god, There was a theological rationale For doing it lots and lots of times. By ad, At the council of Constance, Church leaders further decreed That only the priests could drink the wine And the laity would only receive the bread; Yet the bible clearly says That when Jesus established the communion service They all drank from it. About years after Christ the church began to deviate From another of the ten commandments; Specifically the fourth commandment That requires believers To remember the th day as the Sabbath. “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. “Six days you shall labor and do all your work “But the seventh day Is the Sabbath of the lord your god.” In the roman empire Jews are an old religion And old religions are respected. When the Jews kept fighting against Rome What had been an umbrella of safety under Judaism Becomes a lightning rod to Christianity The Christians become alienated from the Jews Jews persecuted them And so they tried to distance themselves from the Jews. Church leaders began to devalue

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