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Cute Winx Doll

Cute Winx Doll


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Cute Winx Doll Description

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No, Emily. It’s Anna, all right? This is an emergency. Can you get him on the phone right now? Hello, Ms. Parker. I’m afraid Mr. Wagner cannot take your call right now. No, Emily! You don’t understand, okay. It’s an emergency! I need you to get him on the phone right now. I’m just gonna keep calling back until you get him on. One moment, please. Thank you. Anna. Oh, thank God. What’s up? The house isn’t safe, Paul. What do you mean the house isn’t safe? Has somebody broken in? No, I game I don’t know, all right? Somebody’s been there. Did you call the police? No, I game I wanted to call you first. When are you coming back? I don’t game I don’t know yet. We’ve got another meeting tomorrow which could take a while. Is everything okay? No, I’m not all right, Paul. All right? I’m freaking freezing and I’m standing on a mountain in the middle of nowhere! All right, just calm down. Tell me exactly what happened. I don’t know, but the power went out and this morning when I woke up, there were all these numbers written all over the glass. Are you sure it wasn’t just a bad dream? No, Paul, please! You don’t understand, all right? This is different! I can show you when you get here. Look, Anna, it’s gonna take me all night to get there. If you call the police, they’ll be there much faster. No, I don’t want the police. Do you get it, all right? This place freaks me the out! I wanna get out of here! Okay. Okay, just calm down. I’ll tell them to push my schedule. I’ll be there as soon as I can. Just lock yourself in the house and everything will be fine, all right? Fine. . Oh, great. Oh. Good boy. Good boy. Yeah. You’re lucky you had the dog. It was because of his persistent barking last night that I even bothered to come over. How’s your head? You must have a hell of a headache. How did you get in here? Well, that would be your keys. Give me those. Uhuh. Give me my ing keys. Easy! Oh, what are you gonna do with that? I swear to God, if you don’t give me my ing keys, I’m gonna beat the out of you! Okay. All right. Take your keys.

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