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Cute Winx Doll Time

Cute Winx Doll Time


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Cute Winx Doll Time Description

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Abigail has a concussion. She’s got toxemia, which means her body’s not throwing off poisons. It’s collecting it. There’s not a damn thing you can do here except get in the way. So go home! I want you out of here now. Daddy, don’t! Daddy! Daddy! (DANI SOBBING) Ma? Just stay here. Mom asked me to bring this stuff by. Some homemade soup and, uh Games Yeast bread, and chocolate pie. Mom’s got the world beat making chocolate pie. Where’s everybody at? Hospital. I’m real sorry about your mama. I’m sorry about the way I acted last night, too, about the way I said everything. You don’t have to be sorry. I thought we could still talk sometime, you know. I figure if we can talk and be friends, I can get you to understand. I already understand. Thanks for bringing the food over, Court. That was a good supper Marie sent over. Marie’s boy bring it over? Court? Yes, sir. He your swimming partner last night? Yes, sir. Did anything happen? No. Don’t you mean “No, sir”? No, sir. Nothing happened, sir. I saw the way you looked last night. Did that boy try anything with you? No, sir. No, siree. Not Court Foster. MATT: Abby? I Games I know. I love you, too. This Games All of this is my fault. If I hadn’t been so dead set on getting a son Games Oh, honey. You’re not trying to take credit for all of this by yourself, are you? Because I seem to remember helping out a little bit. If I would have lost you, Abby Games Mama says I can come in tomorrow and let Maureen stay home with Missy. That’s good. Daddy Games I know you feel bad about taking the strap to me, but I’m not mad or anything. You were scared, worried about Mama and the baby. I know that. And I’m just awful sorry for what I did. And for everything. Hey, Court! Hey! Hey yourself. Still want to be friends? I’d still consider it. Well, I was just wondering where you do your best considering. Aah! I don’t have a suit. Ha! I won’t look. Yee-haw! Friends, okay? Friends. Okay. You can look now. And what makes you think I’d want to do that? You did in the water. I did not. You could’ve fooled me. Ow. Court Games I want to know you. You do know me. I want to know you more. I want to know you all I can. What do you want to know? I want to know Games Your hopes. My hopes. Well Games I hope your boobs will get bigger and your butt will fill out. Court! Seems like it always comes to this, doesn’t it? Have you kissed a lot of girls? Not a whole lot. I want you to be the first boy to ever kiss me. I thought you’d been kissed so many times. How was that? Perfect. MATT: Dani? You like that boy of Marie’s a lot, don’t you? But you know you’re not old enough to date. Yes, sir. You want to see Court, do it right. Invite him over here to the house. I’m not saying you can’t go to the pond anymore or that you can’t go there with Court. Just bring him around once in a while where I can get a good look in his eyes. Yes, sir. All right. (KNOCKING) Good to see you, Court. Good to see you, too, Mr. Trant. How’s your mama? COURT: She’s fine. She got a job at the shirt factory. That’s good. She always was a good worker.

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