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Cute Weekend

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    Cute Weekend Listen, I have things to take care of. Yes. I understand. But if Game Correct. I owe you an apology, Surprenant. What for? Once I’ve taken care of the paperwork in Montreal, you could stay. How about being a criminal investigator? Thank you. But I think you were right, Gingras. I’m a village officer. I belong here.You’ll have to discuss it in your workshop. I can’t take the money out of their pockets! Besides, they’ve had enough. We don’t have time to talk in the workshops. When you make a friend, they move you. When a machine breaks, the foremen make you sweep so you don’t waste a minute. Two girls doing the same work receive different pay. The bosses have tried to divide us, but some of us have got together. You have to start somewhere. We’re sick of the unions and their futile strikes. We won’t accept their few centimes increase. We want more now. We don’t want to live like this. We’re sick of being exploited. We have to get organized. By disrupting the rate of production, by ignoring the foremen who try to respect it. That’s how we’ll do it. The boss only cares about making money. It’s not us who should pay, it’s him. It doesn’t work. Don’t all talk at once. Unbelievable! Doesn’t it work? Come on, hurry up! Your output is up the spout! I’m not doing overtime! We’ll see about that. Find it funny, do you? What’s got into you? We’re losing money! Take your time. Can you try to be quick? All right. Take your time! I need a screwdriver. Let’s see game Can you see anything? A man. We didn’t ask you. They seem well pleased! Check all the machines! That’s enough! Be quiet!

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