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Cute Taylor Swift Makeover Time

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  • Cute Taylor Swift Makeover Time

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    I’ve come here for you Who are you? You look a stranger I am the one who is good at drinking, gambling, and whoring game Cut it off! You are Immoral Wu, the one with everything but a moral character – Hey! – Coming! You placing a bet with him? Yes, we are betting on all we have I buy that our good friend Simon the Snow Blower will win and he is buying for Cool-Son Yeh This time I can’t help you Simon the Snow Blower is invincible. How can he lose? He may be before I met Cool-Son Yeh When I saw his “Hovering Heavenly Fairy” stance game Was it powerful? Very powerful Really very powerful? Very powerful indeed! Then, I must game You are a gentleman, you said it before so many witnesses You can’t go back on your words now You won’t know before the duel! We are good friends of Simon the Snow Blower No matter what the chances are, we still support him! Simon work hard! Simon work hard! game Simon Qing work hard! Simon Qing work hard! game Where do you find a Simon Qing? It’s Simon! Simon work hard! Simon work hard, Simon work hard, Simon game Dragon , I haven’t finished Actually, I’ve come to look for you game Damn you! You go to a brothel for prostitutes, why do you look for me? I want to buy a medal from you! You know about it? The Imperial guards asked you to issue the eight gold medals So they can enter the palace to watch the duel The whole kung-fu world knows about it Everyone knows? These are matters of the rivers and lakes and the paparazzi are interested? There’ll be no secrets in the kung-fu world from now on I am placing such a large bet with Moustache Gold Of course I am qualified to watch game Who said you are qualified? It’s not up to you. It’s my decision! So are you selling? How much? Ten thousand taels Ten thousand taels You go around the corner and say it times more! Ten thousand taels game Listen everyone, pay attention Cool-Son Yeh is meeting the three Tang Brothers to negotiate at Chun Hua House Let’s go and watch, shall we? – Great! – Let’s go! Have they started fighting? Little master, Cute Taylor Swift Makeover Time

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