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Cute Sea Fairy 4

Cute Sea Fairy 4


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Cute Sea Fairy 4 Description

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Cute Sea Fairy 4 and cleaned and had all the windows washed. Just imagine windows. All that for me? Yes. And I helped. Oh, we will have fun together, won’t we? Yes, we will, dear. Oh, Mrs. Grose, she’s here! She’s here! And she isn’t afraid of reptiles. And that’s more than can be said of me, isn’t it? I walked from the gate. I I wanted to see it all. I’m glad to see you, Miss Giddens. Really, I’m glad. Oh, do please come in. Thank you. You’re very kind. Oh! Now, I expect you’d like a cup of tea. Thank you. But not you, Miss Flora. Now, you know you’re not allowed in the house with that toad or turtle game or whatever it is. Go on. Run along. Off you go. Oh, all right. I had no idea. I never imagined Oh, I’m so sorry. That’s all right, miss. It’s always happening. I never imagined it would be so beautiful. Well, we do our best. Though half the rooms are empty now locked and empty. All the same, it’s too big a job to keep clean. But what I always say is, it’s a heaven for children. Oh, yes, a heaven. And what an enchanting child she is. There’s not another like her. Though, mind you, she has her ways. You have your work cut out. I don’t doubt. But she seems Well, she certainly looks angelic. Well, she is too. But she does like to wander, to go off by herself. We’re always hunting her. Oh, yes. I heard you. Just now, as I was coming through the garden, I heard you call her name. Oh, not me, miss. Perhaps it was Anna or Cook. Well, someone. Sit down, miss, and have your tea. Mmm. It’ll be dark in here soon. I’ll get Anna to bring some lamps. Miss Giddens? Miss Giddens! Has she gone? Yes, for the moment. You don’t mind Rupert sharing a bit of your cake, now, do you? You watch out. He’ll grow too fat to fit your pocket. I have a pony too. Oh. He isn’t really mine. He belongs to Miles. Miles is my brother, you know. He’s away at school. You must miss him very much. Well, he’ll be coming home soon. But not, I should think, until the holidays. Time you went upstairs and got ready for your bath, Miss Flora. Promise, now, you won’t go away.

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