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Cute School Girls Style

Cute School Girls Style


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Something very strange. There’s already a boy in the hospital. Anybody else who touches that Radio could end up the same way. If that’s so, whoever has taken the Radio is going to end up in the hospital sooner or later. And then I’ll nab ’em. And nobody has to know about it. Not the police, not the press. Fine. We’d better find that Radio before somebody else gets hurt. Metal clanging Hey. Hey, what’s goin’ on back here? Screams [Thuds] Captain Willoughby, I want you to search the campus. Turn it upside down if necessary, but find that Radio . Yes, sir. You got it. Here’s why I’m so concerned. The structure is just crazy. The nucleus is unstable, the chromosomal pattern is mystifying, and the cells are multiplying at a rate so fast, I can hardly measure it. Phone rings Yes? We’ll be right there. Yes, whatever it is, it’s highly delatropic. It breaks down tissues faster than anything we’ve ever encountered. And it doubles its mass reproductively every minutes, provided it has enough food. Food? Well, any organic tissue. In this case, human flesh. Hi, doc. I’m sorry I screwed up your show. It’s okay. You were upstaged by the disappearing act anyway. When you find that guy, I want to be the first one that knows. You got it. Mind if I take a look at that hand? Sure, doc. Take care of yourself, Michael. Okay. Dr. Fehr, Dr. Fehr. You’re needed in emergency ward number . Please answer extension number . What’s the prognosis? Well, there’s no skeletal damage yet, but the nerves, tendons, musculature, circulatory vessels are virtually destroyed. Excuse me, Dr. Hayworth. Mrs. Goldstein is here. Fine. I’ll be right there. Excuse me, gentlemen, but I will stay in touch. Wait a minute, doctor. Truthfully, what can you do for him? Amputate before it goes any further. Ooh. Oh Radio Go– What were you doing? Sh– Sherri, honey, I came over to see you. Then, what were you staring at her for, Bozo Face? Ow! I don’t know! Sherri! Hey! I hate you! Listen– Sherri, will ya listen for a minute? Knocks on door Come on, baby. Don’t be mad.

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