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Cute Pucca Maker

Cute Pucca Maker


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Cute Pucca Maker Description

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Cute Pucca Maker and talking more or less like I normally do, it’s literally my last act before going into this long, dark tunnel, hopefully to emerge in the end of seven months, yet to be seen and known only by God. But this night has that much meaning to me, and I’m very deeply grateful, very greatly moved at being here this evening. You travel safely. I am ecstatic to have met you. Same here. Really. All right, camera boy. I will see you guys on the other side, brothers. On the other side. On the other side of transplant. Yeah, let me call KellBelle. Called Kelly’s house phone, nobody picked up. I called Kelly’s cell phone, nobody picked up, so now I’m calling her mother’s cell phone. So, the hospice nurse came and said y’all ought to go get this Xrayed. I’ll call you guys in about four hours. You think you’ll be home? Yeah, I will, I’ll tell her. I love you, too. Bye, honey. After I was diagnosed, my mother came and took care of me but she was working and had to go back to work after a week or so, couple weeks. And so, Clark and Jane took care of me. They’re really good people, I love ’em dearly. They’re unlike anybody I’ve ever met game two angels, for sure. I thought we were gonna be together forever. And I found out you’re not right next to me. I’m not? No! I thought I was next to Clark. I don’t think you’re next to him, either. I’m like one or two people over from him. ‘Cause I wanted to be by that tree. Oh yeah, I think that’s what Dyanne said, you wanted to be by that tree, that you picked it. We’re pretty close. Yeah, she said we are, we’re very close. I really like it, it’s overlooking the water. I know that doesn’t, you know, the view doesn’t matter when you’re down so deep, but game I really liked it there. It reminded me of where I grew up, you know? And I wanted to present it to my children that this, you know, this is a part of the life cycle. This is what happens at the end. Sorry. I do that whole hormone thing, too, so game But I don’t want it to be an overly game upsetting event, and I don’t want it to be a grossly irreverent event.

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