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Cute Prom Dresses

Cute Prom Dresses


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Cute Prom Dresses our fathers” And putting a coin in the collection box. In the heathen religions of the world The idea of repetitive prayers or chants Was nothing new. It was believed that you could appease or influence the gods By constant echoing of prayers Or by using special magical words. Jesus clearly warned against this form of prayer. “And when you pray, “Do not use vain repetitions as the heathen do. “For they think That they will be heard for their many words.” Corrupt church leaders knew, In order to maintain any lasting power over god’s people, They would need to separate them From the one thing That they knew could expose these deceptions: The holy scriptures. The bible was not initially withheld from the people, It was accessible. But, in time, when people saw differences, They challenged the clergy. And so it was in their interest, over time, Not to make available the bible to the people. Only the priests can interpret scripture Because they combined scripture with tradition And so tradition interpreted scripture And the only ones Who understood this long tradition were the priests And they could read the scriptures Many of the common people couldn’t even read the scriptures And they wanted to make sure that they interpreted scripture In a way that would harmonize with tradition. So from the th century to the th century, , years of history, It was taught and accepted that only religious leaders Were qualified enough to explain the sacred texts. The common man was told He could never hope to understand the scriptures Without the assistance of a priest. With this lethal deception, The church laity was kept in darkness. Meanwhile, the visible church, Once a biblical bastion of truth, Had degraded into a corrupt political organization Trimmed with spiritualistic ceremonies. It’s no wonder that this time period Of cultural, economic and spiritual deterioration Is known as “the dark ages.” It’s tragic how, in just a few short centuries, The wonderful light that had been blazing From the luminous bride of Christ Had been eclipsed by pagan traditions.

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