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Cute Princess Time

Cute Princess Time


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Cute Princess Time Description

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“I sleep on a camp bed in Auntie Flo’s bedroom.” Aw, poor little mite. “I get the milk in a can. It is not in bottles because it is cows.” Milk not in bottles? Blimey. “I rode on a carthorse’s back when we got the hay. “I nearly did the splits. “Yours sincerely, Raymond.” “Yours sincerely”! THEY LAUGH Games MUSIC IN BACKGROUND ERNEST WHEEZES There’s a place for your hat Games Mind my antirrhinums, Ernest. ERNEST STRAINS I hope you know what you’re doing. Eh? Course, duck. You just wait. I’ve got the deepest shelter in town Games That’s it. All done. Is that it? Finished? Is it really bombproof? You’ll have to wait and see. And I’ve got central heat But to make it complete Games CAT MEOWS Russia’s invaded Finland now. I thought they’d invaded Poland. Yes, they have. But you said Germany’s invaded Poland. Yes, that’s right. Well, who was it invaded Czechoslovakia? Germany. Germany’s always invading someone. I expect they’ll invade Russia one day. Cor blimey! Not likely. They’re in league. Or Russia will invade Germany. Oh, don’t be daft. Well, if they all keep invading one another, we’ll end up invading someone. Oh, Ette, you just don’t understand politics. Doh! Now look. Blessed shelter! BIRDS TWEET Do you think they ever will come down our road, Ernest? I expect it will be OK. They say Hitler’s assured Holland and Belgium of his friendship. Oh, that’s nice. What do you think? It’s all right, eh? I thought firemen had those nice brass helmets with curly tops. No, blokes have been getting electrocuted in those. At last! Churchill’s taken over. “Blood, toil, tears and sweat.” Ernest! Don’t. Disgusting. It’s your gentry talking, his words, not mine. Yes, but he was talking to the common people. He wouldn’t use words like that in his own home. ERNEST SIGHS CHURCHILL: ‘What General Weygand has called the Battle of France is over. ‘The Battle of Britain is about to begin.’ ‘Upon this battle depends’ the survival of Christian civilisation. But the whole fury and might of the enemy ‘must very soon be turned on us.

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