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Cute Princess Pregnant

Cute Princess Pregnant


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Cute Princess Pregnant Description

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Cute Princess Pregnant Can I make you something to eat? No, thanks. No way. That’s sweet of you. How are you? Not great. I don’t work for your dad anymore. How’s that? The Moldovan fired me. After years! Can you believe it? Did he agree? He didn’t make a peep in front of her. I’ll see about that right now. If he answers, you’re luckier than I am. The machine. Hello, this is Arnaud. Can you call me back please, Dad? Thanks. Shouldn’t he be home now? And you can bet he won’t call back. The Moldovan fired you? I’d like you to call Grandpa for me. He won’t answer me. I’m really worried. I don’t work for the KGB! Okay, but what do I say? Say you’d like her to come over and play. Cool! She’s right. Use your cell phone. Hi, Sorina, it’s Simon. Then ask her to put your grandfather on. You hear? Ask to speak to your grandfather. She’s not allowed to talk to me. Why can’t she talk to me? First of all, let’s not dramatize things. That’s because you don’t understand. He’s okay, don’t panic. It’s not serious. It wasn’t a heart attack. Can we see him? He’s sleeping in there. Aren’t you coming? I’ll be right in. Dad. Dad, how do you feel? Fine, fine game Hello, Dad. It’s nice of you to come. You scared us. What happened? It was nothing. A dizzy spell. Good thing Tatiana was there. She called the medics. Dad, I’ve seen your test results. What’s this Digitalcardio overdose? You know not to fool around with your medications. It’s nothing. Tatiana goofed when she filled my pill box. She fills your pill box? It was a mistake, that’s all. It could happen to anyone. I’ll be right back. Can I have a little water? Wait one second, you! Over here! What’s wrong with you? Hey, mister! Butt out! You listen to me carefully! If you ever touch his medication again, if he has the slightest problem you hear me? you can forget your papers. They’ll put you away for years! You can count on me for that. You’re out of your mind! Let me go! Let me go. Bitch! What are you doing, Dad? What have you gotten yourself into? My last fling. I’ve still got the right to that.

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