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Cute Princess Makeover Time

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  • Cute Princess Makeover Time

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    Cute Princess Makeover Time Description

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    I is just walking around. giants laugh I’ll let you go, this time. Phew! He was in a nasty crotching mood. Sophie Nasty mood? I thought he was going to kill you! Oh, no! Giants does not kill other giants. They is not like human beans. Sophie What do you mean? BFG It’s only human beans that shoots and bombs and kills each other. No other animals is doing it. Sophie Cats kill mice. BFG They does not kill other cats, does they, hmm? Sophie Is Dream Country inside this mountain? BFG You wait and see. I have something very extra usual to be showing you. Sophie Oh Games Whatever is it? BFG It is the Dreamway. The stairway into Dream Country. I is never letting anybody see it before. Sophie Oh, dear. What do we do now? Sophie screams BFG laughs laughs It’s a razztwinkler of a journey, isn’t it? There. Now you is in Dream Country. Sophie Am I really the first person ever to come here? BFG Of course you is. Not even other giants is ever coming here. Really? – BFG Shh! There is dreams all round here. Where? There. Listen. – Sophie I can’t hear any Games Shh! Hup! yelps Missed it! – Sophie Missed what? I miss Games gasps Ha! There’s one! Hup! grunts laughs Quick, quick, quick! Open a jar, open a jar! grunts with concentration There. I know there’s nothing in there. It’s a winksquiffler! No, no, no. Even better, it’s a phizzwizard. A golden phizzwizard! I suppose they’re very rare. Ooh, they is the rarest of all! There may be swarms up there today. Ups we go! There is something in there. BFG Of course there is! grunts Quick, quick! I’ve got another one! laughs pants BFG chuckles Please can I come up with you and see? Is you believing now? Sophie Oh, yes! Then, come on! Up we goes! I can’t! I Games I don’t know how! BFG You is never doing anything unless you try. Up we goes. BFG, I’m flying! BFG laughs Sophie! ♪ Sometimes secretly ♪ We’d all like to know ♪ Of somewhere safe in dreams ♪ Where no one else can go ♪ Away from the crowd where nothing is louder ♪ Than nightfall falling around ♪ And you tumble and glide on a magical ride

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