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Cute Princess Makeover 4

Cute Princess Makeover 4


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Cute Princess Makeover 4 Description

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Cute Princess Makeover 4 hen, in the next show, when I come onstage Game What are you doing, buddy? That’s a last breath. A grave Does no one sing in cages on Earth? Mr. Wef, on Earth only animals are kept in cages Are animals Patsaks? More like Chatlanians So you have the same flagrant racism as here, on Pluke Only on Earth it was the Patsaks who took power, not the Chatlanians Together with Uncle Tolik’s friend, a nightingale Well, Vladimir? Hey, Patsak! This is where you go “koo” I didn’t hear it Well, don’t stick fingers in your ears I can’t bear listening to this Then just watch When I raise one finger, you sing “koo” Two fingers, Got it? Go! Mama, mama, what are we to do when the cold season comes? I don’t have a warm scarf You don’t have a warm coat Vladimir? He’s just dumb! I am among the five best musicians in the world! Do you expect me to go “cuckoo” with you here? Enough! Uncle Tolik, don’t fret. He’s just jealous Never before in all the Galaxy has there been such a talentless Patsak as him Says he’s among the top five musicians on the planet when he can’t even memorize two notes Jerk I have a business proposal. You and I lose them in the Center We buy a gravitsapa and fly to Earth We split the matches evenly: boxes for you, for me. Deal? How are we going to buy the gravitsapa? No problem Here Gentlemen virtuosos of Planet Pluke Come here for a moment. Mr. Abradox has a surprise for you Ketse! Woah! What’s that? A zeppelin? It’s the last breath of Pezhe Is he dead? What are you saying, buddy? Pezhe is very much alive Who is this Pezhe anyway? Your president? Pezhe is Pezhe, buddy I love Pezhe very much Couldn’t we have landed a little closer? Then we’d have to pay for a landing ticket Piece of cake, Vladimir. Come on over I don’t think I can, Tolik. I am acrophobic You’re what? Acrophobia It’s a condition The fear of heights All right. Wait there, then Let’s go Uncle Tolik, put on a tsak, buddy will, later Hey! Want some cosmic dust? Does the fiddler have any chatles? No It’s fresh. Yesterday’s Tell him to bury himself in the sand if he sees an ecilop Guys, let’s carry

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