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Cute Princess Care

Cute Princess Care


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Cute Princess Care Description

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Nice. But Stu stuck. So Game what do they call the other Stu? Stu. Someone needs to look at that. It’s all my fault, isn’t it? No. It’s not your fault, mate. Don’t talk like that, mucker. Think about getting out of here. Think about your family. Yeah. Hey, yeah. Have you got any kids? Jimmy. He’s, er, five. He’s, he’s a good kid. An Game And I got another one on the way Game Yeah. Oi, Smudge. You tell Shannon, yeah Game You tell her if it’s a boy you tell her to call him Alexander, yeah? And if it’s a girl, call her Sofia. Would you do that mate, for me, yeah? I need you to do that for me. Shut up! No, I’m not gonna tell her that. I’m not gonna tell her anything. Right, cause if I need to clear a route with my bare hands all the way to Camp Bastion I’m getting you out of this gash pit. Do you hear me? And it’s not gonna be, what is it, Sofia, Alexander it’ll be Smudge Junior, or Smudgella. And I’ll tell you something else, mush, you’re gonna make selection and all. You’re gonna be the first one-legged, bunny-hopping badge there’s ever been, alright? So none of this platform four, self-pity bullshit. We spent too much BST getting you this far. We haven’t given up on you, the least you could do is not give up on us, you cunt. Jesus, Smudge, easy on. ‘Gash pit’. Shut the up. beautiful. Shit. Tug, it still hurts. The morphine’ll work, pal. You just got to give it time. It’s been a hour, man. It’s been half an hour, Ken. Let me tell you something, Ken. The more you shout, the faster your heartbeat, the quicker you’ll bleed out. Alright, so it’s for your own good, and ours, just shut your jimmy, alright. OK, OK. Alright, Mark, I’m just gonna have another look at this, yeah? It’s gonna hurt so bite down, mate. OK. Right, all of you. Just Game Game ignore this next bit, yeah, ignore what I say. Jay, Smudge. I’m gonna talk shit for a bit to keep things moving, alright? Just Game everyone ignore what I say, OK? Right, listen to me, you pricks! We’ve been waiting for this chopper for three hours. And if it don’t come

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