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Cute Princess Briar

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    Yeah, get these shingles up. You got it? Mm-hmm. You got it, right? Right behind you, buddy. Alex? Oh, my God. What happened? Jeff fell off the roof. What? He’s getting an MRI. It could mean internal damage. Or it could mean that the doctors are just being careful, right? They’re just checking everything out. Come on, let’s sit. I don’t understand. The ladder broke. I feel like I should have been there. This is not your fault, okay? This isn’t anyone’s fault. Ladders break. I just don’t know what we’re gonna do now. Here. Thank you. I got you. Thank you. Ow. I feel fine now. It’s just a broken ankle. Get off my feet for a couple of days, and I’ll be back to work. I wish I could have been here. I could have games done something. I still can’t believe that ladder just broke. Yeah, me, neither. I was climbing and then I was falling. There must have been like a weak hinge or something. Thank God Nate was there. Oh, yeah, right. He did a bang-up job holding up the ladder while I plunged to the ground. Jeff, I don’t know if I can handle all of this responsibility on my own. You’ll be fine. You flip a house, I mean, half the job is done by someone sitting in a chair with a leg propped up. That’s me. Do you think that Nate can handle the overtime? My leg is throbbing. I’m sorry. I’ll go pick up your prescription. Thank you. I’m just beat. Just try and get some sleep, okay? I love you. I love you. Oh, hey, Alex. I thought I’d make you and Jeff dinner. I feel terrible about what happened. Oh, wow. Thanks, Nate. I’m sure that Jeff will really appreciate this. I took him a plate, but he is totally passed out. So are you hungry? Yeah. Sure. All right. No, but seriously, I love these old houses. They have so much character, so much history. All the little things that makes a place interesting. I mean, it’s terrifying, but it’s exhilarating. Going all in, risking it all. I’m just relieved that I wasn’t too afraid to quit my job. It’s refreshing to work with someone who has so much passion. That’s rare. Most people are just into this for the money.

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